Meghan Canedy APRN 

Meghan comes to us with over 14 years of clinical experience

Her special interests include newborn care. She is 

also a certified lactation consultant!!

Exceptional Personalized Care for Your Children

             We are currently accepting only newborns. We will take siblings of newborn babies also .

We have had an explosive growth in our practice the last 5 years, and are now finding we are almost reaching our full capacity. In order to maintain the personalized care, we have made the very difficult decision to no longer accept any more children except for newborns. 

Office Visits

Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri :

     9 am - 4:30 pm.

Lunch 12:15-1:15

    Wed 9 am to 4 pm (Meghan Canedy APRN)

Patient Portal

We have an option online for you to request an appointment date and time , even if the office is closed!!  If you are an established patient, a patient portal is available. Log into your child's account to request an appointment.

​You should receive a reply within the hour when office is open

Our patient portal also allows you way to access your child's medication history, immunization schedule  and to message Dr. Benzoni directly, bypassing wait times on phones and awaiting a call back! 

Office Staff

Front Office: 

Francine Putetti, Michelle LeClair

Medical Assistants: Donna Samal and Francine Putetti

Billing : Pam Morey 


         Child Health Topics

What to expect during a routine health visit:

Immunization Schedules and Information:

September 2016

​.Call for appt 

Flu Clinic Sat Oct 15 from 9 am - 11 am

please call to be put on the list

(we will allow walk-ins also at the clinic, but to be the most efficient , please call so we will be able to be very efficient that day!

​There will be no Flu Mist offered! All flu vaccinations are "shots" secondary to evidence that suggests the flu mist was not as effective as the shot.

We are a small rural practice set in the buccolic Litchfield Hills. 

The practice was founded in 2005 by Dr. Lucia Benzoni who remains the main provider

Information and Tips

Upper Respiratory Infections or " a cold"   Still no magic potion for this miserable illness, lasting 5 - 10 days. Usually starts with relatively severe sore throat, we see a lot of patients at this stage to rule out strept throat - which pretty much presents the same way.

 Put a humidifier by child's bed and turn on at night.

Use Saline Nasal spray ( Simply Saline  is a good product) . Use the saline nasal spray a t least 4 times a day. If a blood y nose complicates the picture, get a saline nasal spray with glycerin to help protect those exposed blood vessels.  

Don't worry if child swallows the phlegm, it will not harm them. 

If fever lasts more than 2-3 days , go see pediatrician.

If cough  is unremitting - go see pediatrician. 


Summer: SUNBURN TIME!!  If you should forget to adequately apply sunscreen and your child has a mild sunburn, apply pure aloe vera ASAP. If however, it is severe enough that the child cannot even tolerate the Aloe, thye will need to be seen. Any blistering sunburn should be seen.

Best treeatment :  PREVENTION!! Apply sunscreen at least SPF 30 every 4 hrs or after swimming.

Tick removal: easiest with a simple cheap tool called "Ticked off" .

Fever: No reason to panic. There is no set degree that is "dangerous", but please call if your child has a high fever - especially if sudden in onset. (a tem,perature of 99.9 BTW is not a fever - even if your child "normally runs low").  It's a sign there is most likely a 'foreign substance' is trying to invade your child's body - but it is your body's way of showing this invader how unwelcome they are. It is not necessary to treat every fever. Treat if your child is uncomfortable.

(acetaminophen if your child is less than 6 months , ibuprofen if your child is older than 6 months) 

A fever more than 3 to 5 days ? Bring your child in,